Haiku 575

Periodic haiku by Larry Bullock; inspired by creative commons images
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Spring time in London by chris.chabot on Flickr.

Mist on the window
Water beads run together
City fades away

spring by Zanthia on Flickr.

Blossoms on the branch
Snow a nearby memory
Vernal equinox

Mann Island by Bev Goodwin on Flickr.

A life preserver
orange ring ready to float
gull’s cry startles me

One dog of the streets… by Sebasti├ín Arena on Flickr.

Catching a short nap
cold stone pillow under head
dreams of a good home

IMG_7751 on Flickr.

Lakeside cliff faces
time-worn tunnels in water
superior view

Lincoln Park by Craigeye on Flickr.

Pink flamingo stares
green leaves are poor camouflage
an evil eye watches

Chilling around by RedBull Trinker on Flickr.

Sunlight feeds the green
grasses struggle to reach up
mower ends the fight

Mai28 {132/365} That’s why I’m happy when it rains!? by Antimidia on Flickr.

Splashing through puddles
taking the roads less travelled
it’s the miles that count

untitled by jonlp on Flickr.

Green moss on the trees
clinging dampness in the air
in another world

Bokeh by EvasSvammel on Flickr.

Spring cherry blossoms
day brightens in pink beauty
bee looks for pollen